Bahrain’s most famous Irish restaurant and pub?

‘The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.’ This is arguably one of the funniest, yet sensible quotes in the history of drinking! Well, if you really think about it, they don’t call it ‘happy hour’ for no reason. And if there’s one thing that the world needs urgently is more happy people. So hear ye! Hear ye! Brethren and sistren. Do the world a favour today by getting some drinks into your system. If you happen to be reading this in Bahrain, JJ’s Irish Restaurant would be a splendid choice for a watering hole.

Though still in our teenage years, JJ’s can confidently go head to head with some of the oldest pubs in the world. ‘Why?’ You might ask. Because JJ’s is as authentically Irish as they come. In fact, 80% of the building was assembled in Ireland, disassembled and later put back together in Bahrain. A daunting task but one we’re sure you’ll agree was worth every ounce of effort. Here are some of the things which make JJ’s the best bar in Bahrain:

#1. Our reputation for quality

Quality is one thing we haven’t skimped on throughout our 16 years of service. Our reputation for quality precedes us; quality beers, quality food, quality service … Not to mention quality entertainment. When we say ‘often copied never bettered’ we really do mean it. It isn’t bragging, if you can back it up!

#2. Entertainment

The party never ends here at JJ’s. Have a look for yourself at our busy events calendar. Our weekly theme nights in particular are very popular and tend to attract hordes of party-goers. It doesn’t matter which day of the week it is, we always have something fun and exciting planned for our guests. Be sure to sample Bahrain’s rich night life at JJ’s! Here’s a sample of what we offer weekly:

Mondays: Drive away your Monday blues by dropping in for ‘Microphone Madness’, a night purely dedicated to karaoke.

Tuesdays: Return on the next day for ‘Double Up Tuesdays.’ A night where double up your premium beverage for only BD 2 or house brand beverages can be doubled for BD 1.5.

Friday: Party till you drop with other merrymakers. On the menu? Nothing but freshly prepared delicacies that you’ll love, a treat for every taste. Good music, good food, good drinks and good vibes!

Saturday: Looking to have breakfast in Bahrain? After partying on like crazy Friday night, pop in on Saturday, for the ‘Hangover Irish Break-fest’ from 9am till noon. We also hold a billiards tournament from 5pm to 6pm dubbed ‘JJ’s Ball Of Fame’ where you can put your pool table skills to the test.

Sunday: Take this chance to test how smart you are every Sunday from 9pm to 11pm on our weekly quiz night.

Are you a soccer fan’? Take the chance to watch all Premier League and Champions League games live on our big screen. Why miss a single game?

There are tons of other events and after parties to be on the lookout for @JJ’s.

#3. Exciting deals and offers
Ladies or as we call them here ‘JJ’s Angels’ are treated to unlimited drinks on select beverages on Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Sundays and Saturdays. Ladies’ Night doesn’t get any better than this!

Ever felt so hungry you could eat a horse’? Well, if you’re ever in such a mood be sure to take advantage of our latest menu; JJ’s XL Menu, which is tailor-made for guests with extra-large appetites and offers new dishes of the day, every day of the week!

#4. Our food and drinks selection

We, the Irish, are known for our famous sayings. One that is popular around here is, “Festa anocht agus gorta amarach” which means “a feast tonight and a famine tomorrow”. Our menu combines elements of traditional Irish dishes complimented by the finest dishes all over the world. We recommend that you try our very own recipe Chicken Marty Guerey that proved to be such a huge hit has that other restaurants tried to poach it. Guaranteed, JJ’s is the only place you can enjoy the authentic one.

A lot of effort has also gone into the selection of draught beers we serve. A cold one especially goes down well during the Bahraini summer heat. So if you’re ever in sunny, sandy Bahrain, be sure to pay us a visit and whatever you choose, be our guest and have a feast!

#5. Great atmosphere and best live music scene

If your idea of unwinding is listening to great music from across the years, JJ’s is definitely the place for you Sit back, relax and let the good times roll while you soak in the moments.

If you’re more of a night bird, we’ve still got you covered. Our resident DJ Tripz is always on standby to help you dance the night away to the latest house, dance, trance and techno beats.

At JJ’s, throwing a party is one of the things that we do best. So if you’re ever in the region, be sure to pop in, drink up, eat up and make merry at one of the best pubs in Bahrain.

May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead! Cheers!

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