Bahrain’s most famous Irish restaurant and pub?

‘The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.’ This is arguably one of the funniest, yet sensible quotes in the history of drinking! Well, if you really think about it, they don’t call it ‘happy hour’ for no reason. And if there’s one thing that the world needs urgently is…
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Prepare yourself for Tara McDonald & DJ Adam Trigger

A Friday Night Party To Remember! Overview of the show The show on Friday, 22nd May will feature the renowned “Queen of Dance Music” Tara McDonald featuring DJ Adam Trigger live! For those who have not yet marked their calendars need to do so now, since the two will be bringing the house down with…
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A Must Attend Event: JJ’s 16th Anniversary

Join in the celebrations as, this year, we turn 16! To mark the occasion, we are hosting what promises to be one of the most exciting birthday bashes of the year. Showing someone around in our tiny island is rather easy. You take them to key landmarks; Tree of Life, the BIC, Bahrain fort, perhaps…
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